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        Is it cordless?
        Medcursor White Noise has no battery and needs to be plugged in to use. It has a USB cable that can be plugged into any USB port such as phone adapter/computer/power bank/etc. Does the package include an adapter?
        Is there a list of sounds?
        39 soothing sounds: birds singing, ocean waves, gentle waves, crickets, campfire, train, pendulum, thunderstorm, rain, stream, drip-drop, shush, fetal sound, lullaby, music box. 7 White noise sounds: 3 white noises, 2 pink noises, 2 brown noises. 7 fan sounds: Industrial ventilation, Micro fan, Ceiling fan, Turbofan, Exhaust fan, USB fan, Air cooling. There are additional 10 songs on App. Does this product have a night light?
        Is there a timing?
        This device has a timer function, you can set 30, 60, 90 minutes timer or continuous playback.
        Is this for little babies and adults?
        Yes, suitable for all ages.
        Does this white noise machine have memory for the last play?
        Yes, white noise will record the last sound you played last time, the brightness of the lights, and the volume. You can also save your setting in the application as one of your favorite settings.
        Does this unit have a headphone jack?
        Yes, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which can be connected to headphones.
        Can you play more than one sound at a time?
        There are 39 separate sounds. Only one sound plays at a time.
        Does this have Bluetooth® functionality?
        Yes, this product have Bluetooth® capability, you can set up with 2.4G Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® to remote control it on your phone. Can the volume be adjusted?
        How long is the power cord?
        59 inch.
        How should I do if I can not log in to Medcursor App?
        1. Please check your router is turned on and connectable.2. Please check the Wi-Fi® password is entered correctly.3. Please check your 2.4G Wi-Fi® signal can cover the device.
        Why does this Medcursor App show "Can't find your device"?
        1. Please check Wi-Fi® indicator is blinking.2. Please check your phone's Bluetooth® is turned on.3. Please check the white noise device is plugged in and powered on, and retry it.4. Please turn this device off and on again by unplugging the device and reinserting it.
        Why does this Medcursor App show "Reset My Device"?
        1. Please click "Reset My Device" and then you can connect to other new devices. However, it will lose all your saving settings on this device. (You can also use this method to reset your device upon demand) 2. If you don't want to reset your device, please click "Exit Set Up" and it will keep all your saved settings.
        What should I do to turn on Bluetooth® on this machine?
        Press and hold the timer/WiFi® button for 3 seconds.When the device is waiting to pair or disconnect with App, the power indicator blinks.

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