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        What is the maximum waist size it will fit?
        Fits up to 59 inches waist.
        Does it have a rechargeable battery?
        Yes, it has a 3000mAh rechargeable battery. It is cordless and can be also used when charging.
        Can a thin waist wear this?
        Yes, you can adjust the size of this heating pad with Velcro.
        What should I do if the temperature is too hot?
        Please use it through clothes or towels, please use a lower temperature and turn it off if necessary.
        How do I know that it is fully charged?
        The indicator flashes white when charging. The white light comes solid when fully charged.
        What's the function?
        There are two 2 heating levels and two vibration levels.
        Can I charge it using a laptop/power bank/phone adapter?
        Yes, you can use the supplied Type-C cable to charge. 
        Is it cordless?
        Yes, it is.
        Does it have over-heat protection?
        Yes, the auto shut-off time is 1 hour.
        How long does the product battery last per time?
        It takes about 180 minutes to fully charge, and it can be used for 180 minutes after being fully charged. It depends on the selected heat level and vibration intensity.
        What kind of material is this made out of?
        Soft Leica fabric.
        What heating element does the Medcursor heating pad use?
        Graphene heating film. Heating faster, larger area, longer life and safer than normal carbon network heating elements.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Elaine Mcdonald
        Mobile heat

        This is a thin and mobile way to keep heat on my lower back and hip area. I was disabled by hip back pain and this was one solution in addition to pt that worked. If you fine yourself tied to sitting with a heating pad get this instead. You charge it and take off the cord and go anywhere. I was able to take walks wearing it. It heats quickly and retains heat. It is easy to take off and put on.

        Karlenna Owsiany

        This little device is discreet and works really well! I have used it for cramps, pains, and simply when I am cold too. It hides well under clothes and warms up fast.