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        There's a liquid type material or lubricant coming out of the massage gun in the massage head area. Is this normal?
        Yes, it is normal but it will be gone after a few uses.  
        How long does it take to charge?
        How long does it work before the battery drains?
        It works up to 4-5 hours of use per full charge
        What is the amplitude distance of the unit?
        Can I use the massager while it's charging?
        No, we don't recommend using the unit while charging or plugged in
        How would I know that the unit is fully charged?
        All 4 LED indicator lights will give a red light (not blinking).
        Is it normal that the massager stops after a few second?
        When I the massage gun, the massage head is ejected by itself?
        There is a very high possibility that you did not insert the massage head completely. Please refer to the picture below that the massage head has been completely inserted.
        Are all the attachment rubberized?