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        Wear it uncomfortable?
        Please try to adjust the position while wearing according to the design to fit the face, it can adjust the tightness of the eye mask's strap to obtain a suitable wearing effect based on your need.
        Why can't I activate the heat/vibration mode?
        Please insert the attached Type C cable to see if it can display white light. If it flashes, it means it is charging, and it may be out of power and cannot be used. Please press and hold the upper button(Heat mode) for 3 seconds and try again to see if the lights can be displayed and heat up, or the lower button to see if it can vibrate. Cause: It may be caused by insufficient power, or unfamiliarity with the button.
        Sometimes the heat mask vibrates on one side? Is there anything wrong with it?
        Need to check if the heat eye mask is on mode 4 - Unilateral Vibration Mode. If it can switch to the other modes and work, then there is no problem with our heat eye mask. We have 4 vibration modes, one of them is vibrating on one side for 3-4 seconds, then vibrating on the other side, and repeating. Mode 1: Slap Mode Mode 2: Rhythm Mode Mode 3: Wave Mode Mode 4: Unilateral vibration mode
        Are there any precautions for users?
        Yes, this product is not intended for medical use. It is not recommended for people who are heat-sensitive or not suitable for a heat compress, have disabilities, or have poor blood circulation. If you experience any discomfort while using our product, please stop using it.
        Does this evenly heat the eye area?
        Yes, because it uses a graphene heating film, which ensures that heat can heat up quickly in 5 seconds and transfer evenly due to its good thermal conductivity.
        Will it overheat?
        No, the high-temperature range is 125°F - 136°F which is suitable for warm therapy for the eyes and will not cause any overheating. You can choose a lower temperature according to your needs. 3 Heat Settings: Low [Green light]: 98°F -107°F Medium [Blue light]: 111°F -118°F High [Red light]: 125°F - 136°F
        Is this eye mask washable?
        No, because this heat eye mask combined the power port, vibration operating unit, and the Graphene heating films, it cannot be immersed in any liquid or even wash in the machine. About the maintenance, we suggest you can use a damp cloth or a brush to gently clean this heated eye mask.
        Can I use it without a power cord?
        Yes, this eye mask is a dual-use eye mask. It can be used as a cordless heated eye mask when it's fully charged, or it can be used while charging.
        Can I use the heating function and the vibration function at the same time?
        Yes, the heating function and the vibration function can be used together or separately.

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