There's a liquid type material or lubricant coming out of the massage gun in the massage head area. Is this normal?
Yes, it is normal but it will be gone after a few uses.
How long does it take to charge?
Around 3-5 hours to fully charge
How long does it work before the battery drains?
It works up to 4.5-6 hours of use per full charge
What is the amplitude distance of the unit?
Can the massager be used while it's charging?
No, we don't recommend using the unit while charging or plugged in
What is the max stall force?
7.5kg or 16.5 lbs
How would I know that the unit is fully charged?
The indicator light (lightning icon) will show a solid green light. It means it's fully charged.
When I connected the charger and the massage gun indicator didn't see the red light, is there any problem with the charging function?
While the massage gun has sufficient power, customers want to go to recharge, the massage gun battery indicator is off and charger indicator is green, this is normal.
You can ask the customer to use up half of the massage gun's battery, or run out of battery, and then test the charging function.
When the customer leaves the United States, does the customer need to purchase a transformer to use this massager?
No,our massage guns power adapters is wide voltage, if the customer is not in the United States, the customer can buy a travel adapter to use our products in other countries. Customers do not need to buy transformers.