Why is there no adapter, is it missing?
No, we do not provide a charger for this product, but a charging cable is provided.
Can I use USB-C to C cable to charge?
No, Please only use USB-A to C cable for charging, and the uninterrupted charging full time is 5 hours with 5V-2A.
When charging, the indicator light only lights up half a circle, is there a problem?
No, The design is like this, the red light only lights up half a circle when charging, and indicator light turn off when fully charged.
What is the use of the transparent plastic ring? Why is there no in me?
When using this product, it is used to prevent fingers or other objects from being placed in the stroke area between the piston and the housing to avoid clamping or damaging the product. However, since the customer responded that there is no such problem, the following products have cancelled this thing.