I felt pain on the bottom of my feet when I first used it.
We recommend you put on thick socks for a better experience with the product.​
Why can't I feel the heat immediately when I turn on the heat function?
Please know, It will take about 5 minutes to raising the temperature. You can try to change a pair of thinner socks, or just go barefoot to enjoy it, which will make you feel the heat faster.
Is it noisy?
No, it's not noisy, just 45db. It is electric, so it is normal to have a little sound, but it will not disturb anyone.
Does the air compression reach all the feet or just the instep?
The air compression can reach all the feet. There are 2 air intensities that can be adjusted to personal preference, and this is also particularly beneficial in the calf.
Can I use a regular 110 house outlet?
Yes. The product can be used at a voltage of 100-240V.
Does it fit US size 14?
No. It fits the feet up to US MEN Size 11.
Is it easy to clean?
Yes, The cloth cover of our foot massager contains a zipper and velcro, and it is detachable and washable.
Does it have a built-in battery?
No, it doesn't have. You must plug the adapter into the socket first if you are going to use it.
Does this come with a remote or can you purchase a remote for it?
No, it doesn’t come with a remote, but controls are on the top making it easy to turn on and control settings.