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        How To Stay Healthy During Pandemic

        How To Stay Healthy During Pandemic

        In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping ourselves and our family healthy is important. There’s no better time than the present in choosing to have a healthier living. You’re probably wondering too if there are things you should be doing to boost your immunity as well. Here  are some things we can do to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and routine while the world around us has adapted to limiting exposure to COVID-19.


        Stay Active

        The gyms may not be open so while on home quarantine with our family, look for activities that will keep you physically active without going against the preventive best practices recommended by health officials. You can organize Yoga or Zumba every morning, going for a brisk walk or jog outside in uncrowded areas, do push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and more exercises that do not require gym equipment. There's a lot of free or low-cost cardio, yoga, and body-weight workout videos that can be done from the comfort of your own home using the internet. There’s no need to overdo it, you just need to be physically active.


        Enough Sleep

        Adequate sleep is essential to our overall health and while we’re on lockdown, it is your chance to indulge yourself with a good zzz. Good sleep allows the body to restore and fight off infection. Therefore allow your body to properly recharge every night. 


        Eat Healthily

        Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, beans, nuts, and legumes are all healthy choices. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables should provide enough zinc, vitamin D, and other important minerals and vitamins to support a healthy immune system. We need to supply our body with what it needs to build our defenses against viruses and bacteria. Avoid eating processed food, since these are riddled with chemicals and preservatives. Do not starve yourself as well. If you let yourself get very hungry, you tend to make poor food choices.



        Most of the human body is made up of water, so it’s not surprising that staying hydrated is important. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and avoid excessive alcohol consumption as it can act as a diuretic and reduce hydration. It is recommended we drink six to eight glasses of fluids every day. Try infusing some fresh lemon, ginger, cucumber, or mint to add flavor – this is also great for digestion.


        Keep Calm And Stay Positive

        With all the precautions we must take to combat COVID-19, and a lot of things to worry about in our situation, stressing about these may actually worsen things. Rather use this pandemic to increase your daily repetition of positive activities such as exercise, meditation, reading, further developing certain skills or hobbies, etc. Let go of things beyond your influence and try to see things from a different perspective. Reducing stress is one of the most important components of overall health as stress is a factor that can lower our immune system.



        Self-care is not selfish. Take time to take care of yourself. This will help you and your family be better equipped to get through this time together. Self-care can include various practices that you find both enjoyable and that promote healthy living. Meditation, relaxation, quality time with family, or incorporate massage into your daily routines by using Medcursor Massage Products. It’s more important than ever to make self-care a priority as it promotes overall wellness.

        The Benefits Of Yoga That You Must Know

        The Benefits Of Yoga That You Must Know

        Yoga is one of the most holistic forms of exercise and a great way to ease stress and promote relaxation. You can even start with just a little to no equipment and consumes a little space as long as you have enough room to move in and whenever you can fit your mat. So I can't blame you if you are also one of those who fall in love with Yoga. So here are the science-backed reasons why you should do more Yoga.


        Yoga Improves Your Flexibility And Strength

        As we get older, the liquid that lubricates our joints (synovial fluid) decreases. Due to that, our ligaments also tend to lose moisture and elasticity. That is when we start to experience rigidity and stiffness in some parts of our bodies. To increase the production of synovial fluid, we can stimulate this through exercise. So it is important to stay moving as we get older. To improve your strength and flexibility, you have to work on your resistance however, you do not need to go through gym workouts or strength training sessions. Using your own body weight as resistance is already a form of resistance training. It is something Yoga is brilliant for. Yoga poses stretch your muscle and demonstrating them properly can optimize performance to target flexibility and balance.


        Yoga Reduces Stress 

        You might want to try Yoga just to increase your flexibility but you find that it makes you feel so much better. With our chaotic and busy lives, doing Yoga will allow us to calm our minds and focus on our breathing. It will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, physically, mentally, and energetically.


        Yoga Helps Us To Get A Better Sleep

        Yoga has been shown to increase the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness as it calms your nervous system. It helps to get a massage after Yoga using a Medcursor Massage Gun for best results.


        Yoga Improves Your Posture

        When you're stronger and more flexible, your posture improves. With a stronger core, you're more likely to sit and stand "tall." Yoga poses also emphasize alignment correction of hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. This sense of proper structural alignment is best for improving posture.


        Yoga Helps You Become A Mindful Eater

        The researchers found that people who practiced yoga were more mindful eaters. Regular yoga practice is associated with mindful eating, and people who eat mindfully are less likely to be obese. If you have bad eating habits, this is most likely to be a response to anxiety or depression. As Yoga reduces stress it helps you become aware of why you ate and stopped eating when full.


        Got a Stiff Neck? Cure Them Fast At Home

        Got a Stiff Neck? Cure Them Fast At Home

        You know how painful and irritating it is to wake up with a stiff neck. Your daily activities are affected as they will limit your ability to move and focus on what you are doing. It will also prevent you from getting a good night's sleep. 

        A stiff neck is usually caused by bad sleeping posture, tension, stress, or bad body postures. However, you have nothing to worry about as it is temporary and can easily be cured at home. Of course, you should always talk to your doctor about treatments to try, but this gives you a look at some common at-home neck pain treatments.


        Stretch Your Neck

        You can do some basic motion exercises to maintain and strengthen neck muscles. There are simple and safe stretches that you can do at your desk or in your car.  

        • Move your head toward your right shoulder until you feel a stretch. You can use your right hand to gently guide your head toward the shoulder.
        • Hold for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

        By doing this, it will increase the blood flow in a particular area and reduce inflammation. If you feel severe pain while doing a neck stretch, see your doctor immediately.


        Apply Hot or Cold Compress

        You can apply heat or ice to the painful area. It relaxes your muscles and increases the flow of blood in the neck. Applying ice can help reduce inflammation while heat can soothe sore neck muscles. Use ice for the first 48 to 72 hours, then use heat after that. Do this at least 2-3 times a day for instant relief. 


        Take a Warm Bath with Epsom Salt

        This warm water bath helps to relax and soothe the tightened muscles, while the salt helps to reduce inflammation and improve the blood flow. Do it for about 15 to 20 minutes once a day. Although Epsom salt is not recommended for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart conditions.


        Use Apple Cider Vinegar

        Apple cider vinegar is an excellent home remedy to treat a stiff neck. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a versatile and reliable pain relief remedy. Soak a napkin or tissue in some apple cider vinegar and place it on your neck. Leave it in the pain area for an hour and repeat it at least twice a day.


        Other Tips

        If you often suffer from neck pain then change your sleeping position. Get a firmer mattress or a neck pillow. You can also use a Medcursor Neck Massager for outstanding comfort and relaxation and provide an excellent massage experience.


        What Is The Right Massage Gun Head Should I Use?

        What Is The Right Massage Gun Head Should I Use?

        You just got a massage gun, didn't you? Are you confuse about which massage gun detachable head should you use?

        This massage gun detachable head was specifically designed to effectively target certain body parts. Therefore, you need to familiarize which attachment should you use to maximize the benefit of this product.

        Medcursor Massage guns come with 3-6 Interchangeable Heads. All designed for different use. Understanding how these interchangeable heads work will allow you to choose the right attachment to get the best and fastest result.


        Round Head

        This is used for large muscle groups (quads, glutes, arms, etc.) with extreme soreness. This is a perfect tool to recover fast after an intense workout.


        Flat Head

        This is the safest to use on areas closer to bones or ligaments so this is perfect to use on shoulder blades.


        Fork Head

        It is best for Spinal, Neck, and Calves. This head is to target the muscles on either side of the spine simultaneously. However, do not place it directly on the spine itself or hit your bones and neck.


        Cone/Bullet Head

        This is best to target deep tissues such as meridian joints, feet, palms, and soles. This head can dig deeper into the muscle tissue but prevent it from staying longer than 15 seconds.


        Wedge Head

        It has a head sharp like a cone but wide like the dampener. It is a perfect tool for scraping or flushing. You can also use this to activate muscle groups before any activity or clearing out lactic acid after a hard session.


        Flat Head

        This head is best to use with oils and creams for a smooth massage. You can also freeze them to use cold therapy.

        Surprising Benefits of Foot Massage That You Should Know

        Surprising Benefits of Foot Massage That You Should Know

        Have you wondered why your feet always get tired? One of your body parts that work hard every day is your feet. From walking to running and even when you are just sitting.

        Have you tried a foot massage before? So you exactly know how they feel so good and how it improves your mood. But did you know that you can also get some health benefits when you pamper your feet?

        Besides helping us relax and reduce achy muscles, here are the health benefits that you can get from a foot massage.


        Foot Massage Can Reduce Stress and Tension

        Endorphins are happy hormones. When we get a foot massage, it increases the release of these happy hormones. It also decreases the levels of cortisol at the same time. It results in increasing the feeling of calmness, a decrease in pain and stress. Therefore, Foot Massage helps manage anxiety and depression.

        Foot Massage Improves Blood Circulation

        Do you want to have a healthy heart? Getting a good foot massage is a great help in increasing blood circulation throughout the body. It lessens the workload of circulation on the heart leading to decreased heart rate. If the heart beats too fast, it will not have enough time to provide an adequate blood supply to the rest of the body. Therefore, improved blood circulation means a sufficient supply of oxygen to the body resulting in less risk of heart disease.

        Foot Massage Decreases Headaches and Migraines

        Foot Massage both has physical and psychological effects. When you get a foot massage, it stimulates competing nerve fibers with the sensation of pleasure to override the signal of pain messages to and from the brain. When this happens, pain becomes easier to deal with.


        Foot Massage Heals Feet Injuries Faster

        Getting a foot massage relieves sore muscles, joint pain, and muscle tension. It provides a way to loosens tension in stiff muscles and stiffness in the surrounding tissue and effectively reduces inflammation and soreness. It makes your recovery faster.

        Foot Massage Boost Your Immune System

        We all now know that a foot massage can decrease the levels of cortisol which is often the culprit of various health issues. Aside from that, it increases the activity of white blood cells that help your body fight infections and other diseases. It also helps lymphatic circulation to remove toxins and waste products from within the body.

        Foot Massage Promotes Better Sleep

        Foot Massage can address the many causes behind insomnia such as stress. You are more likely to sleep if the level of your stress is lessened. So a few minutes of foot massage before bed can help you relax and improve your quality of sleep.


        Foot Massage Reduces Edema During Pregnancy

        Edema happens most often in the feet, ankles, and legs and is very common in pregnant women. It is swelling in the feet and ankles caused by fluid retention. Foot Massage reduces Edema by stimulating the fluid to return to the kidneys to be flushed out properly. Doing this on a daily can help fight edema, as does drinking plenty of water and getting sufficient rest.