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        Why is the unit not turning on?
        Please check if the main power button which is located at the top underside of the massager is turned on before pressing the selector/heat button on the front.
        I can barely feel the heat. Is it defective?
        Please know that this massager is designed with infrared heat only. This means it only gives off very mild heat for safety purposes. It is also noticeable within 5-10 minutes of use.
        Up to what size does this massager can accommodate?
        The largest size this massager can accommodate is up to 12 inches long
        Will it work 220-240v?
        No, it only works with 120v
        Can I stand on the massager?
        No, it is not advisable to stand on the massager as it can damage the motor inside that may lead to product malfunction.
        For how long should I use the massager?
        We recommend to only use the massager for as long as 20 minutes at a time to avoid overusing the product and causing you pain. This massager is designed for deep massage and using it for too long may be painful.
        Is there any restrictions using the massager with medical conditions?
        If you have health conditions, it is always best to consult your doctor first before using the product to know whether it is safe to use it or not.
        When I leave the United States, do I need to purchase a transformer to use this massager?
        Yes, this massager works only with 120V electricity so make sure to check your power voltage before using it if you are NOT in the US.

        Customer Reviews

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 198 reviews
        Robert Durk

        So glad I bought this. I'm standing on concert for 8 hours a day. This makes my feet feel better for the next day. Best thing I bought this year.

        Matthew M.
        Did not like the feel

        Did not like the feel

        Works great!

        I got this as a gift for my sister, because she has a lot of foot pain. She has been using it everyday she loves it! She says it really helps her feet stop hurting, and she can adjust her foot to hit the spots that she needs rubbed. So this is a great gift for someone with feet problems.

        Sonya Jenkins
        Feels Great!!

        Love this massager but you have to sit on edge of seat to use it cause it's not angled up enough to lay your feet flat if you are sitting back. Thinking of returning it because of the difficulty in using it.

        donna luarca
        Great birthday gift

        I got this product as a birthday gift and they loved it.